Flipboard Cafe

On cold rainy days I like to curl up with a cup of tea or chai latte, but never coffee. Even though I know a lot of the good places to grab a cup of coffee in Melbourne, I can't drink it, the smell of it (especially strong coffee beans) makes me nauseated.

Flipboard Cafe
141 La Trobe St Melbourne
Monday to Friday: 7:00am – 4:30pm

I recently went to Flipboard Cafe with Cindy. It's a pocket sized cafe: three metre-wide, three story high, designed by architect Martin Heide and interior designer Megg Evans. The whole place is made from wood and it feels like a cubby house. (Their seats are made from old magazines wedged between two planks of wood!) The ground level is where you can order your coffee and pick something light from their daily menu. I loved my chai latte! The flavour was right on. I like my chai lattes creamy/frothy, I've had some were they were overly sweet or just too damn watery.

I definitely want to go back.


Chai latte $4.50
Egg Roll $5


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  1. Such a cute little cafe, I shall make it a point to check it out the next time I can't think of anywhere to eat haha (it happens often). Glad to read that the chai latte was to your liking; I love chai lattes! I prefer it over coffee ha. I enjoy your photos as always! I always feel a little self-conscious taking photos of food/places when I'm out, preferring to use my phone (more discreet haha) but I shouldn't worry too much about that :)

    x Michelle