White Night

Melbourne's streets was transformed into a celebration of art, design, film, music and light from dusk till dawn on Saturday from 7pm to 7am. Cindy and I drove into the city and were lucky enough to find (unlimited) parking! We arrived at 7pm and started at Northern Lights (Franklin St), slowly making our to the Tattooed City (NGV/Arts Centre) through alleyways to avoid the crowd. The streets were jam packed with people layered in clothing to keep warm from the cold summer night.

We lined up to see the Molecular Kaleidoscope in the State Library, where they had projections of viruses with stats and figures accompanied with eery music. Watched a mime artist in the Lucky Dip and decided to get dinner in China Town since we were both quite hungry. While we were having dinner, Radio Rehab's Decentralised Dance Party rocked out on the streets of China Town before dancing to their next location, we couldn't track them down to join in. Next precinct was J + R&B (Bourke St) were the crowd was the most tame. We simply chilled and listened to a jazz band (Cannonball) play their set.

Moving onto Shadows, we saw the children's choir singing in the Town Hall and saw some street buskers. We saw dancing lights in Rags to Riches and rested up in Wonderland. The light projections onto building on Flinders St never cease to amaze me. At Tattooed City, we visited The Secret Garden and attended a live drawing class (although I didn't participate). We doubled back to Wonderland, danced in ACMI and also saw Spectacle: The Music Video Exhibit (for free) while we were there.

We skipped The Vortex, Midden and Alex and The Engineer, and made our way back to the Northern Lights were we saw a couple of performances on music stage danced in Purple Rain.


Pretty much stayed into the city from dusk till dawn and decided to have breakfast at St Ali; didn't arrive home until 9am! I think that's been the longest I've been out sober and it was quite fun. I think it was bigger this year, and more spread out. Even though the weather was chilly, I'm glad it didn't rain. Would love to go next year as well!

Instead of bombarding this post with similar photos that everyone took, I did a crash course in Premiere Pro and made this little clip.




  1. I really like the video, gives me a taste of what White Night would have been like (I have yet to visit!). Not really a huge fan of crowds though, and it looked like there were massive ones there in the city! Maybe next year haha :)

    You have such beautiful blog posts!

    ♥ Michelle/MICHALOGY

  2. Oh thank you! :)
    You should definitely go next year! Yeah there were massive crowds, but it just depended on the time and location.

    Thanks for dropping by.