For the past week I've been simulating Rapunzel all locked up in my room, relapsing into Korean drama since all the tv shows I watch were on break to due Christmas / New Years. But no more! Some of the shows are back now and it was a seriously unhealthy habit staying up till dawn and sleeping in to noon (plus, Korean dramas can be so ridiculously frustrating at times, and not to mention a bit awkward?). 

To start off the New Year, Cindy and I went to Dandenong Ranges National Park to do the 1000 steps / Kokoda Track Memorial Walk. It was such a lovely sunny day, Cindy was in her "fashionable wear", I felt a bit derpy in my sports wear next to her (haha but running shorts with built in underwear are the best). Since neither of us had ever done it before, and the signs were confusing, we unknowingly took the Lyrebird Fitness Challenge Steps track up, which runs parallel to the 1000 steps. It was incredibly busy on Sunday, there were lots of families doing both tracks, and we told each other, "If these old women can do it, we can too!"  Taking roughly 40 minutes to the top, we had our fruit/almond/snacks and reapplied sunscreen before we took the steps down (I was surprised at the number of people who didn't wear hats or didn't bring drink bottles, would've been so dehydrated). Walking down steps is a scarier than walking up,
so I packed my camera into my bag in case I tripped and fell flat on my face breaking my camera in the action.
I couldn't comprehend how little kids managed to run up and down like it was nothing #amazed. 

Afterwards, we went on the 2.5 km Living Bush Nature Walk which felt more like a long hike up hill (it wasn't as steep as the Lyrebird track) and then a steep walk down. Hardly saw anyone on this walk, spooked Cindy by telling her that someone will jump from the bushes to murder her. We spotted a fallen log along the way and took the opportunity to take some photos, it was a 3–4 metre drop, luckily neither of us are un-co. 

Lately I've been craving for IKEA meatballs so we dropped by on the way home. As we were eating our early dinner it started pouring outside with howling winds. Thank god we missed that. 

I want to go on more walks this year, the air is nice and fresh and it's a fun way to catch up with a friend.


PS: instagram of the instax shots of the hike

Thanks Cindy for the log snaps!

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